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Sigtronics Aviation Headset Technical Information

On this page you will find headset instructions and parts lists you may download. The files are in Adobe PDF format and can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will need Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. Click on the Get Acrobat button below to download your free copy from Adobe.

For technical information on the use or installation of Sigtronics products not covered here, E-mail Technical Support: tech@sigtronics.com or call Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time. 909 305-9399

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Listed by Model Number

S-8 Headsets
S-8 Headset S-8 Standard Headset
S-8H Helicopter Headset
S-18 Headsets
S-18 Headset
S-18 Standard Headset
S-18C Headset with Coiled Aviation Cable
S-18H Helicopter Headset
S-20 Headsets
S-20 Headset S-20 Standard Headset
S-20H Helicopter Headset
S-20Y Youth Headset
S-45 Headsets
S-45 Headset S-45 Standard Headset
S-45H Helicopter Headset
S-45S Stereo Headset
S-45Y Youth Headset
S-58 Headsets
S-58 Headset S-58 Standard Headset
S-58H Helicopter Headset
S-58S Stereo Headset
S-58Y Youth Headset
S-68 Headsets
S-68 Headset S-68 Standard Headset
S-68H Helicopter Headset
S-68S Stereo Headset
S-AR Headsets
S-AR Headset S-AR Standard Headset
S-ARH Helicopter Headset
S-ARY Youth Headset
S-ARHY Helicopter Youth Headset
Headphones SH-40 Standard Headphones
SH-40C Headphones with Coiled Cable
SH-40S Stereo Headphones
Headset Ear Seal Replacement
Headphones How to install replacement ear seals.
See the linked PDF for instructions.

Listed by Model Number

S-40 Headsets
S-40 Headset S-40 Standard Headset
S-40H Helicopter Headset
S-40S Stereo Headset
S-40Y Youth Headset
S-41 Headsets
S-41 Headset S-41 Standard Headset
S-41C Headset with Coiled Cable
S-65 Headsets
S-65 Headset S-65 Standard Headset
S-65H Helicopter Headset
S-65S Stereo Headset
S-65Y Youth Headset
S-68 Headsets
S-68 Headset S-68Y Youth Headset