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SE-18 Headset

  • Self-adjusting, pivoting ear cup assure a comfortable fit.
  • Headset frame is hardened spring steel.
  • Powder coated No-Glare frame and hardware.
  • Flex microphone boom for perfect mic positioning.
  • Microphone boom rotates 180 degrees for use on either side of head.
  • M-81 noise-canceling electret microphone with windscreen.
  • Headset models with Microphone Push-To-Talk and Radio-Push-To-Transmit switches available.
  • Easy grab volume adjust control.
  • Ear cups are high impact ABS plastic. Super-tough and lightweight.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.

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SE-18 Headset
Headset Special Features
Cable Emergency Headset Cable "Stop-Break" high flex coiled cable, flame resistant, coated wire.
3 Conductor Plug Standard and Mic Push-To-Talk (P) Headsets.
0.25 inch Standard, 3 conductor plug.
U-174/U 4 Conductor Plug Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch (RPTT) Headsets.
U-174/U, 4 conductor plug.
Microphone M-81 Headset Microphone High noise environment electret microphone. Sigtronics flex boom noise-canceling microphones are optimized for voice sound levels to maximize crisp, clear communication. Ultra-foam windscreens are standard.
PTT Switch Push-To-Talk Switch (P) Headsets.
Momentary On switch for the microphone. This is useful in very high noise or windy conditions. The headphone audio and volume control functions are operative at all times and are not effected by the switch.
RPTT Switch Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch (RPTT) Headsets.
Momentary switch. When connected to a radio, depressing the switch will cause the radio to transmit. Not used for intercom function – the mic is always hot. Headphone audio and volume control not effected by the switch.
Toggle Switch Microphone Disconnect Switch (T) Headsets.
On / Off toggle switch for the microphone. Useful in high noise or windy conditions. The headphone audio and volume control functions are not effected by switch position and are operative at all times.
Volume control All Headsets.
Our easy grab control knob makes adjusting the volume fast–even with gloves on. The sealed high quality volume control potentiometer will give years of trouble free service under the most demanding conditions.
Headset PDF Headset Features
SE-18 Standard Headset. Flex microphone boom. Plug Type: 0.25 inch, 3 conductor.
SE-18P Mic Push-To-Talk Switch. Plug Type: 0.25 inch, 3 conductor.
SE-18RPTT Radio Push-To-Transmit Switch. Plug Type: U-174/U, 4 conductor.
SE-18T Mic Disconnect Switch – Toggle. Plug Type: 0.25 inch, 3 conductor.