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Sigtronics Mask Adapter for Scott Con-Space® Link Device

  • Allows the Scott face mask / respirator (models AV-2000® and AV-3000™) with the Con-Space Link mask microphone and speaker unit to be used with a Sigtronics intercom system.
  • Designed for the bucket position on an aerial, our adapter will allow full duplex hands-free intercom communication with your Scott respirator / Con-Space Link unit.
  • No modifications necessary, no batteries required. Simply connect the adapter to the Con-Space Link and plug the coiled cable into the intercom.
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor.
Sigtronics Adapter for Con-Space Link
Model Number Description PDF
Sigtronics Mask Adapter Adapter

Sigtronics Tone Module

  • The Sigtronics Tone Module allows a tone to be heard in Sigtronics Intercom System Headsets.
  • The tone is activated by a simple switch closure.
  • It can be used for alarm tones or back up signaling.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
Sigtronics Tone Module
Model Number Description PDF
STM Sigtronics Tone Module STM

Emergency Radio Switcher

  • The Emergency Radio Switcher allows AM / FM radio to be heard whenever intercom and / or mobile radio communications are not occurring.
  • Our Radio Switcher is great for monitoring traffic and weather reports.
  • AM / FM radio will not be heard over mobile radio, it will automatically be muted when communications occur.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
Sigtronics Emergency Radio Switcher
Model Number Description PDF
SRS-4 For: US-45S, US-45D, EAI-S4, and EAI-D4 SRS
SRS-6 For: US-67S, US-67D, US-SR,US-DR, EAI-S6, and EAI-D6 SRS
SRS-12 For: US-12S and US-12D SRS

Power Supply Adapter

  • This genuine Sigtronics engineered and built adapter is used to safely control the power to your Sigtronics systems in vehicles with 24 volt DC or 12 volt positive ground electrical systems.
  • For use with UltraSound, EAI, and S-A-F-E intercoms, Digital Voice Recorder, and Emergency Radio Switcher.
  • Warranty: Two years parts and labor.
Power Supply Adapter
Model Number Description PDF
PG-PSA Power Supply Adapter PG-PSA

FS1 Push-To-Talk Foot Switch

  • 8 ft. Pre-wired Cable.
  • Compact Steel Housing.
  • Two Hole Steel Mounting Bracket.
  • Self-tapping Mounting Screws Included.
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor.
FS1 PTT Foot Switch
Model Number Description PDF
FS1 Push-To-Talk Foot Switch FS1
 Hardware | Jacks – 3, 4, and 5 Conductor | Panel Mount Switches |
Part Number Hardware  
100049 Grommet Grommet
100417 Panel, EAI-D?, Printed: Radio 1/2 AUTO / BOTH Panel
100429 Cover Screw – Stainless Stainless Screw
100452 Mounting Screw – Black Mounting Screw
100453 Blue Box (empty)
For Headset Jack (screws and grommet not included)
Blue Box
100454 Blue Box (empty)
For PTT Switch (screws and grommet not included)
Blue Box
100587 Blue Box (empty)
No Hole for Switch or Jack (screws and grommet not included)
Blue Box
100732 Blue Box (empty)
For 3PDT switch (screws and grommet not included)
Blue Box
800144 Headset Hook with hardware
Headset Hook
Part Number Jacks – 3 Conductor  
100061 Standard Headset Jack – 3 Conductor 100061 Jack
100418 Headset Jack for thick panels – 3 Conductor
Maximum panel thickness: 0.155" with splash cover, 0.195" without splash cover.
100418 Jack
800120 Headset Jack in blue box with screws and grommet – 3 Conductor 800120 Jack Box
800121 Headset Jack in blue box with screws, grommet, and black splash cover – 3 Conductor 800121 Jack Box with Cover
Part Number Jacks – 4 Conductor  
100470 Headset Jack for headsets with RPTT switch on ear cup – 4 Conductor 100470 Jack
800183 RPTT Headset Jack in blue box with screws and grommet – 4 Conductor 800183 Jack Box
800184 RPTT Headset Jack in blue box with screws, grommet, chrome splash cover – 4 Conductor 800184 Jack Box with Cover
Part Number Jacks – Five Prong  
800143 Five Prong Jack for Ring Bypass cable or Belt-PTT-Extension cable. Mounted in blue box, with weather plug (p/n 100506), screws, grommet, and wiring diagram – 5 Conductor 800143 Jack Box
Part Number Jacks – Accessories  
100386 Jack Splash Cover – Black. For 3 Conductor Headset Jack (p/n 800120) 100386 Jack Splash Cover
100506 Weather Plug for Ring Bypass Cable Jack or Belt PTT Extension Cable Jack 100506 Plug
100620 Jack Splash Cover – Chrome. For 4 Conductor Headset Jack (p/n 800183) 100620 Jack Splash Cover
Part Number Switches – PTT  
800122 Push-To-Talk Switch in Blue Box with screws and grommet.
Includes p/n 100177 SPST momentary switch.
800122 Switch
PA-PTT Push-To-Talk Switch for a intercom system to be used with a public-address (PA) system. PTT DPDT momentary switch in a Blue Box with screws and grommet.
Installation Instructions
PA-PTT Switch
100177 Push-To-Talk Switch. SPST momentary switch. 100177 Switch
Part Number Switches – Cellular  
100125 3PDT Switch only. Used to select Cellular via MRIM-2
(See Switch Kit p/n 800185 if required)
100125 Toggle Switch
800185 Cellular - MRIM-2 Switch Kit
Kit includes one each: 3PDT Switch (p/n 100125), Blue Box for Switch (p/n 100732), 100 ohm resistor, and instructions.
800185 Switch
800142 Special D4 / D6 Switch Harness
For cellular phone systems. (For EAI connect only)
800142 Cable