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S-AR Headset

  • Active Noise Reduction Stereo / Mono Headset.
  • Up to 19 dB of Active Noise Reduction.
  • Powder Coated No-Glare Frame.
  • Ultra-Deep Gel Ear Seals.
  • Stereo / Mono Switch.
  • Ultra Soft Air Pillow Headband Pad.
  • Flex Microphone Boom for Mic positioning.
  • M-81 Noise-Canceling Electret Microphone with Windscreen.
  • Power - One 9 volt battery.
  • Custom Headset Bag.
  • Warranty: Three years parts and labor.
S-AR Headset

When we set out to make a great active noise reduction headset, we were determined not to compromise on its passive qualities. The comfort, noise reduction and quality construction that is the standard of excellence of our passive headsets is the foundation of our S-AR active headsets.

American Quality
From the moment you put them on you'll notice the quiet difference of Sigtronics quality. The S-AR headset protects your hearing switched on or off. With the S-AR switched on you will hear a major reduction in low frequency noise. Radio transmissions that are weak and garbled on passive headsets will sound strong and clear with the S-AR headset.

Comfort and Performance
The S-AR headset features our exclusive air foam head pad cushion that virtually eliminates “Hot-spots” and “Head-clamping”. Our “Ultra-Deep” gel ear seals are great for comfort and ease of use. The custom-flex boom permits perfect mic placement. Non-glare powder-coated hardware and “Ultra-Foam” windscreen are attractive and functional. Our high-noise canceling electret microphone guarantees crisp, clear communications every time.

RFI and EMI Free
Sigtronics exclusive “Stop-Break” high flex cord, and RFI and EMI free electronics make the S-AR ideal for pilots who want more comfort from a high-performance active stereo/mono headset. A battery power module with belt clip and custom headset bag are included with all S-AR series headsets.

Large/Child size Headband
Sigtronics headsets may be ordered with a large or small/child size headband. Our S-ARY and S-ARHY headsets have a small headband mounted on the headset and a standard headband included in the box. When your child outgrows the small headband simply replace it with the standard sized one.

S-ARH Helicopter Headset
The same comfort and dependability built into our fixed-wing version is available in a monaural helicopter version. The S-ARH includes our noise canceling M-81H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174/U) plug. The S-ARHY is the Youth version.

Features S-AR S-ARH Helicopter S-ARY Youth S-ARHY Youth
Click on the images for a larger view. S-AR Headset S-ARH Headset S-ARY Headset S-ARHY Headset
Microphone: M-81 M-81H M-81 M-81
Mic Boom: Custom Flex Custom Flex Custom Flex Custom Flex
Main Cable: Straight Coiled Straight Straight
Cable Plug: Dual Aviation U-174/U Dual Aviation U-174/U
Weight: 17.0 oz. 17.0 oz. 17.0 oz. 17.0 oz.
Warranty: 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Price: $532.00 $576.00 $544.00 $588.00

Headset PDF Operating Instructions and Parts List
S-AR Aviation Stereo / Monaural Headset
S-ARH Monaural Helicopter Headset
S-ARY Aviation Stereo / Monaural Youth Headset
S-ARHY Monaural Helicopter Youth Headset