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S-8 Headset

S-8 Headset
  • Powder Coated No-Glare Frame.
  • Extra-Comfort Gel Ear Seals.
  • Reversible Mic Boom.
  • Flex Microphone Boom for perfect Mic positioning.
  • M-81 Noise-Canceling Electret Microphone with Windscreen.
  • Custom Headset Bag.
  • Warranty: Five years parts and labor.

The S-8 headset has a unique behind the head headband with a quick adjust hook-and-loop strap that fits the shape of your head eliminating pressure points. The over the head hook-and-loop strap can be adjusted to fit any size head, even the head of a child.

The low profile S-8 will appeal to the tall aviator or the operators of the aircraft that have low bubble canopies. The S-8 headset design makes wearing a hat easy and comfortable, great when flying bubble canopy aircraft.

Sigtronics exclusive “Stop-Break” cords, and RFI and EMI free electronics makes the S-8 ideal for pilots who want more comfort from a high-performance headset. A custom headset bag is included with all S-8 series headsets.

Accessory Holder
All S-8 headsets have our exclusive hook-and-loop accessory holder that is designed to hold a miniature flashlight, placing it exactly at eye level. The S-8 headset weighs an incredibly light 14 oz. but feels even lighter with our exclusive new head strap design that eliminates “hot-spots” and “head-clamping”. With a reversible custom-flex boom for easy mic placement, our high-noise canceling electret microphone guarantees crisp, clear communications every time. The S-8 headset includes non-glare powder-coated hardware, “ultra-foam” windscreen, a custom headset bag, 5 year warranty and gel ear seals for comfort.

S-8H Helicopter Headset
The same comfort and dependability built into our fixed-wing version is available in a helicopter version. Our S-8H headset includes our noise canceling M-81H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174-U) plug.

Features   S-8 Monaural   S-8H Helicopter        
Microphone:   M-81   M-81H        
Mic Boom:   Custom Flex   Custom Flex        
Main Cable:   Straight   Coiled        
Cable Plug:   Dual Aviation   U-174/U        
Weight:   14 oz.   14 oz.        
Warranty:   5 Years   5 Years        
Price:   $275.00   $291.00        
Headset PDF Operating Instructions and Parts List
S-8 Standard Aviation Monaural Headset
S-8H Helicopter Headset

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