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S-45 Headset

S-45 Headset
  • Chrome Frame.
  • Extra-Comfort Gel Ear Seals.
  • Ultra Soft Air Pillow Headband Pad.
  • Fully Articulating Microphone Boom.
  • M-80 Noise-Canceling Electret Microphone with Windscreen.
  • Warranty: Five years parts and labor.

Designed to excel in the noisiest of environments, the S-45 works great in experimental, ultralights, warbirds, helicopters and other high noise aircraft. The S-45 combines our noise canceling M-80 electret microphone with many of the great features of our top-of-the-line S-58 headset series including gel filled ear seals and ultra soft air pillow headband — all at just 14.4 oz.

S-45Y Youth Headset
Our S-45Y Youth headset comes with standard and child sized headbands. As your needs change, the child headband can be easily switched for the standard size headband.

Included with all S-45 series headsets are a lapel cable clip, microphone windscreen, ultra soft air foam pillow head pad. Large sized headbands may be ordered with any Sigtronics headsets.

S-45S Stereo Headset
S-45S Stereo version utilizes an infinite baffle system to deliver true high fidelity sound and offers the same great features as above in addition to dual volume controls, stereo receivers and integrated stereo/mono switch.

S-45H Helicopter Headset
The same comfort and dependability built into our fixed-wing version is available in a helicopter version. Our S-45H includes our noise canceling M-80H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174/U) plug.

Features   S-45 Monaural   S-45H Helicopter   S-45S Stereo   S-45Y Youth
Microphone:   M-80   M-80H   M-80   M-80
Mic Boom:   Fully Articulating   Fully Articulating   Fully Articulating   Fully Articulating
Main Cable:   Straight   Coiled   Straight   Straight
Cable Plug:   Dual Aviation   U-174/U   Dual Aviation   Dual Aviation
Weight:   14.4 oz.   14.4 oz.   15.4 oz.   14.4 oz.
Warranty:   5 Years   5 Years   5 Years   5 Years
Price:   $207.00   $228.00   $243.00   $217.00
Headset PDF Operating Instructions and Parts List
S-45 Standard Aviation Monaural Headset
S-45H Helicopter Headset
S-45S Stereo / Monaural Headset
S-45Y Youth Headset

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