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S-20 Headset

S-20 Headset
  • Chrome Frame.
  • Comfort Foam Ear Seals.
  • Fully Articulating Microphone Boom.
  • M-80 Noise-Canceling Electret Microphone with Windscreen.
  • Warranty: Three years parts and labor.

Quality and Performance
The S-20 doesn't compromise quality and we don't expect you to either with one of the lightest and quietest headsets in existence. The S-20 incorporates the M-80 microphone, designed specifically for use in high noise environments with its excellent noise canceling properties. The microphone gain is set to operate over a wider range of aircraft radios, even hand-held - the ultimate test. With a light 12.4 oz. weight, and 3 year warranty, the S-20 is a first headset that will last.

Large/Child Sized Headband
Large or small/child sized headbands may be ordered with all S-20 series headsets. Our S-20Y headset has a small headband mounted on the headset and a standard headband included in the box. When your child outgrows the small headband simply replace it with the standard sized one.

High Flex Cables
All Sigtronics S-20 headsets have our exclusive “Stop-Break” high flex cable and RFI/EMI free electronics to make the S-20 a durable, trouble free lightweight headset.

S-20H Helicopter Headset
The same comfort and dependability built into our fixed-wing version is available in a helicopter version. Our S-20H includes our noise canceling M-80H high noise environment electret microphone, coiled cable and single (U-174/U) plug.

Features   S-20 Monaural   S-20H Helicopter   S-20Y Youth    
Microphone:   M-80   M-80H   M-80    
Mic Boom:   Fully Articulating   Fully Articulating   Fully Articulating    
Main Cable:   Straight   Coiled   Straight    
Cable Plug:   Dual Aviation   U-174/U   Dual Aviation    
Weight:   12.4 oz.   12.4 oz.   12.4 oz.    
Warranty:   3 Years   3 Years   3 Years    
Price:   $153.00   $190.00   $163.00    
Headset PDF Operating Instructions and Parts List
S-20 Standard Aviation Monaural Headset
S-20H Helicopter Headset
S-20Y Youth Headset

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